Genealogical Research

Specializing in Eastern European and American Jewish genealogy, full-service family research utilizing some of the best resources in the United States, many of which are available only in New York City.

Research Reports

Detailed, narrative-style reports of research, covering family background, presentation and analysis of evidentiary findings, conclusions based on the synthesis of all evidence, and recommendations for further research.

Family Memory Book

Careful digitization of family photos and documents, coupled with in-depth genealogical research to retell your family's unique historical narrative, page by beautiful page.

One-on-One Training

Tailored to your research needs, focusing on free and paid electronic resources. Customized curriculum, including optimization of search methods on the most popular genealogy websites.

Documentary Film Writing
& Recording

Concise, documentary-style voice-over script writing for use in your personal family film. If you are inclined to feature your researcher in your film, I will record the voice-over or video myself.

Estate Research

Thorough searches to locate missing heirs and beneficiaries, proving kinship, and researching closed estate files at Surrogate's Court Archives in New York City's five boroughs.


Thanks for all you are doing, you are very thorough and obviously expert in finding novel ways to research. - P.P.